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Dear friend,


Wow.  This week has been full of incredible interviews and editing.  I have been working a lot on an Interview Series for you.

That mean's that I have been reaching out to several professionals and big shots asking them to allow me to interview them.

I have promised you that I will share every bit of my journey with you, and this is definitely one of them.

It got me thinking.  I think we should add a small easy form of accountability with each other.

Every week, I will add 1 weekly goal and ask for 1 win that you had that week.  Fun, yes?

You can join along and participate if you would like to, if not, no worries at all!  I still love you just the same 🙂  These are just super simple, to-do's that help build awesome habits for later in your business.

I realized that I couldn't get myself out there and actually build a personal brand, without some help and collaborations.  So I literally posted a FB message ASKING for who else would be interested.

By no chance at all, every person who responded ended up being THE perfect type of person for us.  So I am excited for all the great interviews coming up.

I hate editing videos, you probably know this by now.  If you follow me on SnapChat, then you DEFINITELY know this.

Yet, I pushed through and made them all sorts of cute and consumable.  I am quite proud of myself and they will just keep getting better the more I learn.

Interview 1 & 2 are up and ready to go now:

I truly hope that you take the time to soak in the knowledge from these interviews as I post them.

I am choosing to introduce you to these friends of mine because I deeply feel that they each offer such valuable and important information to the creative and modern entrepreneur that we are.


  • This first interview is with Sheri Bagwell.  It is about connecting to who you are and bringing your meditations into your body as well as listening to your body.


  • Next we talk to intuitive, spiritual business mentor, Lynsey Landry, about how relationships change as you change and also about networking, reaching out to others and bringing in the RIGHT support for you can be scary but necessary.  I also confess where I found all of my support.


  • The third interview we chat with Cameron Roe, nomad and tech development industry pro about organization and that the scary word "structure" isn't so scary.


  • Last, but not least is a MONSTER interview with Boostability's Sydney Directer of Marketing Communications, Caz Bevan.  Her knowledge working with a major Social Media company is priceless.  She teaches us ALL the tactile tips, tools and systems to make your personal brand a success.


But no matter how much information I offer to you and give to you, none of it will mean anything unless you hang on to the fundamentals of any business, and that my friend, is hard work.

If you weren't tenacious and driven, then I KNOW you wouldn't be here, on my site and on this email list.

Remember you are strong, brave, powerful, beautiful, supported, loved and NEEDED.


Your 60 second goal this week:

  • Let your calling free:  Write it down.  A few scribbles and sentences.  This is just for you to give voice to what it is YOU feel pulled to do. Comment "yes" once you have done this on the comments of this post.  If you would like to share your calling, then feel free to as well!

Your 1 WIN this week:

Here is that Interview link again:


Thank you so much for reading and being a part of our community and life.


Lots of love,



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