INTERVIEW: Opening Up Shop. Barbering. Passion, Products & Persistance by: Jordan Howa of Beehive Grooming Co

Opening Up Shop. Barbering. Passion, Products & Persistence by: Jordan Howa of Beehive Grooming Co

Several months ago, I interviewed someone I used to work with, and I'm honored to call a friend, Jordan Howa.

We spent time together working at a salon that we both loved. We could barely pay our bills for some time as he and I, as well as the rest of great team, did all that we could to do to continue to serve our community, while helping a failing business.

I won't lie.  It was a time of stress and heartache.  What kept me fighting was the beautiful mission we valued so dear.  Helping others to feel loved, safe and held during their services.

This conversation will likely be one of my favorites. Not only did it remind me how important the beauty and grooming industry is, but also the lives that we were able to change, and hope to continue to change.

Jordan and I connected regarding our passion in developing a product line that we hoped would do the same; Bring comfort to others through a feeling.  It also helped me reignited my passion with CreateBeverages TM.  We cover so much in this interview, including:

  • Why creating a product and service business is such a powerful voice and feeling that is undeniable

  • How to keep fighting and moving forward, even when you feel beat down

  • Why we must have strength in believing in ourselves as "capable"

  • How unconditional support matters, and cutting out who doesn't prove that

  • Words of wisdom to the young entrepreneur


And more.  So much more…


Once you have time to watch, please comment on the blog, or over on Youtube. I'm deeply interested in hearing your thoughts and feeling on this topic.  Especially...

I'd really like to know where you are, right now, in your business, and what drives you to keep going.

I really think you will LOVE this interview as much as I do,*|FNAME|*.  Please share with everyone you know, that this can help.



P.S. Next we, we talk about the opposite of this, as I sit down with a woman who had two salons, and closed them down to follow her authentic dream.  I will be there to answer your questions and read your comments on the blog.


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