I Am...  Jenny.  I started out life in very humble beginnings of poverty to two teen parents.  By the time I was 4 years old, I had decided, with all of my heart that I would do two things with my life; 1: Never work for someone else and be financially successful.  2.  I would make others that didn't feel loved or supported, loved and supported.
I did just that. I began as a a third generation Nail Technician.
My passion for education and tenacity kicked in full force and I took every advanced nail education class I could.  I worked up the ladder to one of two CND Grand Master Nail Technician in the state and soon landed a job (after 8 interviews) to work for The Montage Deer Valley 5 star Resort in the Kim Vo Salon.  I was thrown into the most intense hospitality training you can imagine, and I loved every second of it.
 I was doing manicures on some of most successful Celebrities, CEO's, Authors and Models of the time.  My curious mind thrived in the valuable, deep conversations I had with so many successful men and women.  They generously shared such authentic stories with me.  Yet, I felt saddened.
 Had I settled?  Was this as far as I could go?  Celebrity Manicurist used to sound so cool, but now that I had reached it, I felt... empty.  It was time for a choice.
I said goodbye to all those amazing $100.00 bill tips and quit the Celebrity filled resort.
 Then it started again.  That voice.  It became louder and louder until I couldn't ignore it any longer.  I had made a promise to myself, after all.  The 4 year old little girl living in poverty.  I owed it to her.
Without knowing how to do anything online besides check my email, I started and founded the company Create Beverages.  A beverage company that has encouraging "I Am" phrases on each label.  I was helping others remember their inner positive voice.  I was receiving beautiful feedback from customers about how my product had helped them lift their self-esteem.

As the company grew, so did I.  I quickly realized that I had to learn a lot about running a business, and I had to learn fast.

Create Beverages lived and did well.  We bought our first house.  I built my dream studio space in my backyard and I even kept doing nails just for "fun" as a matter of fact, I still do. I was happy.  Life was busy, and good.  Then.. there was that voice again.  I still had more to do.

I had achieved success in owning my own small business and working for myself.  I had achieved success in starting and running my own product based business.  But, there was more.

I needed to reach more people.  I needed to give back to the Entrepreneur.  It was my time to teach and tell my story to others  the same way that all those successful celebrities, authors and CEO's had so generously shared with me.

I searched.

There must be someone out there that I had done what I had done, and was sharing it.  There must be someone teaching THIS generation that their dreams to create, be kind, give back and how to be beautiful, inside and out.

There wasn't.  I couldn't find one.  I found plenty of coaches stuck in a dated business model.  I found some old-timer COE's bored and "consulting" in a language of self righteousness and frustration.  Where was the TRUE beauty and the HEART of my generation?

The old-timers didn't take us seriously because we want to maximize our efforts, make intuitive decisions and create businesses with purpose and MEANING.  It is more than numbers.  It is numbers AND value.

There wasn't a voice of true, heart-to-heart beauty connection out there?

It became clear.  I had to be the encouraging voice.

So here I am.  Sharing my journey.  Raw, valuable, real.  What does it take to be a successful?  What does it take to BE beautiful?  What does it take to think, feel and KNOW that you ARE beautiful?  I'll show you the very best that I can.

How to be beautiful.  This is where inner and outer beauty collide.
Please join me.